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Vinyl Pools  LLC

Damaged liners

Damage to your liner can occur in many different ways. Cleaning equipment being the primary source. We can repair cuts in liners, but have limited ability to repair underground pipes. 

Care and maintenance

We provide the first chemical treatment to all new vinyl liner installations. After that you will be taking care of your pool and we will provide instructions on the proper chemicals and cleaning equipment to insure your liner last as long as possible


No two projects are the same. We don't believe in one price fits all, because we won't skimp on your service. We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates.

Floating liners

When the water level in the pool fills up above the attachment point of the liner water is able to get behind the liner and cause damage. This condition is called floating and we can usually fix this without draining the pool.

Vinyl Liner Installation

 We reline existing in ground vinyl residential pools, as well as replace all face plates and foam padding on walls

...and more

We are not limited to just these items. We service all aspects of vinyl pools and the above are just examples of our services.



We can supply and install new plumbing systems from the ground up. Including pumps, filters, valves, and saltwater pool systems. We also have the latest energy efficient pumps and automated systems

Clean outs

As bad as you think your pool is, we have seen worse. We can drain, clean and refill your pool and get it back in working order in most situations. 

Renovations & Remodels

We are the only company in South Florida that will add steps, benched and sun shelves to existing vinyl pools.