Vinyl Pools LLC.

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We not only promise to deliver a beautiful swimming pool, but it will be something you can enjoy for years.



Our Services Include:


    No two projects are the same. We don't believe in one price fits all, because we won't skimp on your service. We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates.

Vinyl Liner Installations

    We reline existing in ground vinyl residential pools, as well as replace all face places and foam padding on walls

Chemical Startup

    We provide all the necessary chemicals to sanitize and balance your local municipality or well water so that it is safe and comfortable to swim in.

Teach How to care for and Operate

    Once the pool is full and fully functional we pass on the responsibilities to you, if you are not fully comfortable we will teach you the basics of pool chemistry so that your pool will stay clear and last as long as possible.


    Swimming pools are one of the most punishing environments, they are in direct sunlight year round and under constant attach from Chemicals. These are the contributing factors to the degradation of pools and we specialize in restoring pools that one may think are only worth filling in with dirt. We have restored concrete pools with severe structure cracks, fiberglass pools that are blistering and cracking and old vinyl pools that have been sitting empty for years.

Plumbing and Pumps

    We repair plumbing leaks, pipe breaks, filter repair or replacement, pump or motor repair or replacement   

Automatic Systems

    We supply and install the latest and greatest automatic salt chlorine generators and automatic pool vacuums

Chemical Treatments

    If your pool has gotten away from you and looks like a swamp we can bring it back to life and have it clean and safe to swim in a matter of days

Floating Liner

    After a large amount of rain or if your pool overflows a condition called floating may occur, this is when the hydrostatic pressure of the pool water is overcome and the vinyl literally floats up off the bottom of the pool. If this occurs we can repair the pool in most cases if caught quickly

Leak Detection

    If your pool is leaking do not let it drain out, keep it filled. We can find and fix most leaks in vinyl liners.

Our Skills are not Limited to these examples